Bob Waxman - Author and Educator


The Mystical Experience

One rainy afternoon a young man meets a wise Rabbi from Jerusalem and his life changes forever. Over the next thirteen years the young man and the Rabbi develop a close relationship as the Rabbi teaches the young man about: The Secrets of the Soul, The Four Worlds of Existence, What Happens After Death, The Journey of the Soul, What the Stars are Telling Us, The Language of Numbers, Hidden Symbols in the Torah, The Lost Books of the Bible and Man's Direct Connection to the One Divine Source.

"Finally a book on Kabbalah that isn't dry, confusing, intimidating or unreadable. Highly informative and extremely entertaining!"
-- Dr. L. Cantrell (Ph.D. Judaic Studies)

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Being Spiritual But Not Religious

This is not a book about religion. The conversations in this book have been purposely written in a non-sectarian, universal style to appeal to everyone. It doesn’t matter what religion, race or nationality you associate yourself with. It doesn’t matter if you’re agnostic or atheist, male or female, married or single, 13 years old or 95.

It doesn’t matter if you’re white collar or blue, republican or democrat, unemployed or retired, extrovert or introvert, healthy or ill, rich or poor. All you’ll need is an inquisitive mind and youthful outlook to enjoy this book. If you’re searching for answers to life’s most difficult questions, you'll find many of them here.



End of The Mayan Calendar

It’s time to separate fact from fiction. The “2012 phenomenon” has been wildly exaggerated, and now it’s time to learn the truth about the great accomplishments of the Mayas. Interestingly, there are many fascinating mysteries that need to be resolved.

For example, why did the Mayas create a 25,625 year calendar that ends on December 21, 2012? Why were they obsessed with the orbits of Venus, the Moon, and the position of the star constellation – the Pleiades? Could there be a connection between the Mayan and Egyptian constellations and their respective Zodiacs? In this book – you’ll find the answers to these questions and many more.

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